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did i ever tell you the definition of insanity ? by fellow-traveller
did i ever tell you the definition of insanity ?
Quick drawing of Vaas Montenegro.
Yes, I do play Far Cry 3. I ship Hoyt with Vaas and Jason. Sometimes Jason with Keith. Pagan and Ajay will be my next favourite dysfunctional Far Cry couple.

also how do i draw guns i failed i am so sorry 

Vaas Montenegro (c) Ubisoft
art by me
10.03 by fellow-traveller
This, too, was late. I apologise. uwu

I guess this is the only Hetalia I'll be doing this year. I think I missed a lot of what's going on in that fandom, but I don't really bother about it now...since there's really nothing that would interest me (unless if there is rusger or at least hints of it which i'm sure there is not i mean why would hima draw them together if the fandom hates it). Besides, indulging in Nile Dawk and his pairings is actually more fun.


Ludwig/Gunther (c) Hidekazu Himaruya
non-sexual but still sexy art by me 
Dawk Day Countdown 05-01 by fellow-traveller
Dawk Day Countdown 05-01
I forgot to post the next five countdown. Sorry for the late submission.

Ultimately I called these pictures, the Pantless Nile Dawk series.

Also, one of the two SnK groups that I joined rejected the previous Dawk Day pictures because they are nsfw (which is really just the commander's suggestive poses and bare buttocks). Perhaps I'm the only one who finds butts not to be enough for a rejection on the basis of nsfw, but yeah...rules are rules. I just hope they didn't actually rejected it on the grounds of double standard because this is Nile Dawk and according to the fandom he's a 'villain' and all that...

A note on the last three:

# 3 picture is actually an inspiration from a few Japanese fans who had been drawing Nile as a kitsune and/or kyuubi. # 2 is my very own punk!Nile. # 1 is another inspired drawing from ir7770 and rakuda for their micro!Nile drawings.

Nile Dawk (c) Isayama Hajime
butts and art by me 
snk shipping meme by fellow-traveller
snk shipping meme
It's been a long time since I do childish things like this, but why not; while I'm having my lunch?

Before I get into the details, I'd like to point out that this shipping meme is not complete. I insist that there should be more characters in this, like, idk, Kaney Ackerman, Dennis Eibringer, Pastor Nick, Dallis Zacklay, Dot Pixis, Franz, Thomas Wagner, Nanaba, Gerger, Nifa, Googles-kun, Hitch Deliss, Marlo Fruedenberg, Boris Fuelner etc?? It's rather unfair to include only the famous, sometimes overrated characters in such a thing, when there are many others that have the potential to be explored in ships.

and people ship the shifters in their titan forms wow i didn't know crotchless giants can go on a rampaging date and how do they smut tell me

So, forgive me for the rudeness of cancelling two of the characters and add on the ones I personally think is worth the mention. Personally.

As for the list, it's long on the love, like and I guess I'll just talk about the OTPs, dislike ships, and hateship.

:: OTP ::
I have five actually.

- Erwin x Nile
All hail the mothership. It may not be my first SnK OTP, but it definitely lasted longer.
I seemed to always ship ships that are...well...hinted so very often, sometimes more than the over-famous ones, but most fans ignored it??
Like, Erwin and Nile had chemistry. Yes, the stupid anime filler made Nile look like an intolerant bastard, but nope I refuse to see that as canon because get this; it's a filler. Anyway, I digressed. Erwin and Nile do have chemistry together. If it wasn't for Marie's (Nile's wife) existence, these two could have been in a team in the Survey Corps, slashing titan necks until today. In fact, according to the excerpt about Nile dreaming of Erwin (I kid you not! It's canon. Nile did dreamt of Erwin in his sleep.), they can communicate just by looking into each other's eyes. You need some fucked-up level of trust and closeness to be able to do this, so don't you dare tell me Erwin and Nile hate each other, because they clearly don't? Erwin respected Nile for braving through his life as a father and a husband, and Nile appreciated Erwin for living on to their dream to fight for humanity.
And because of this chemistry, I ship them, romantically, sexually and in a platonic way too. And no, I don't exclude Marie out of the ship. I think she makes a fine addition to EruNile, making it probably one of the best trio in SnK.

- Mike x Nile
I knew about this ship from a few Japanese artists (who happen to ship EruNile as well). Compared to the rather...tensed EruNile, this ship is a little lighter on the angst side. 
It's strongly based on the idea that the two of them were trainees together, though I first actually saw it happening with the Titan High spin-off, where Mike is a 3rd Year student, and Nile is his math teacher. 
And smut between these two never disappoint. 

- Kaney x Nile
Very new ship. Mostly abusive; based on employer-employee relationship. But the smut is very good, so yeah.
Besides, this is the only Kaney ship that I actually saw Kaney being a super fluff old man?? What's there not to like about a playful murderer who just wants to get into his lover's pants?

- Bertholdt x Reiner
First OTP, but definitely not the last.
I was introduced to this pairing even before I was introduced to the series itself...thanks to a certain someone pointing out that the couple reminded her of RusGer. Which is rather true. The pairing was the first thing I drew of SnK, but then the fanarts didn't make it out much from my brain because...well, I came to know of EruNile after a while of knowing Nile Dawk's existence...and also because the ship became rather famous, more popular than I thought it would be (like, when I started, barely anyone knew what BertRein is). So, yeah, since a lot of people had been making fanarts of this pairing, I might as well concentrate my art on the less famous ones.
Nevertheless, this is a good pairing. I wish they had more of this two in the manga though...the current arc is really boring, albeit more panels of the commander hot dad (aka Nile).

- Nile x Nanaba.
I only know one artist who draws NaiNana but ngh this is probably the cuddliest SnK ship I have ever encountered. And Nanaba is such a cutie with the casual Nile, I just ahh.
10/10 would recommend if you feel like searching for another Nanaba ship other than MikeNana.

I have, so far, only drew the first four. And the mothership, I drew too much.

:: Dislike ::
I have a certain dislike for erumike/mikeru. I don't hate it. No. But because it often push Nile - which happens to be my most favourite character in SnK, as you can tell - aside in almost every situation, as if Nile isn't important to Erwin as well...I don't think it's worth my support??
I'm a bitter hag. I know.
Also, as usual, family, whether it's real, adopted, half or implied close 'like a family', is a no. No matter what those kinda scream incest to me...

:: Hate ::
(rant ahead brace yourselves)
I despise eruri. Similar reasons as erumike in the above, but because eruri is very notorious at making Nile Dawk look like as if he's the antagonist of the Just no. And more often than not, Nile is always the third wheel in eruri and I don't fucking understand why?? Like, is the pairing so damn low that you need one minor character to help it stand? That fans find it necessary to shit on another character just to say 'hey world this pairing is better for you to ship now that it showed you that this minor character/pairing isn't worth the attention'? That people find it cool to hate on a minor character because it was implied that he/she may be obstructing that shitty pairing?
Fuck that to oblivion. 
eruri belongs in the trash bin, man.
eruri fans who insults/make fun of/downgrades Nile and/or his pairings isn't worth the fucks I give. It's a low pairing. And it has some low fans. So nope. Not in my favourite list.

Done~ uvu
Will put in the scrapbook tomorrow.

Shipping meme belongs to AnimaKatana 
Dawk Day Countdown 10-06 by fellow-traveller
Dawk Day Countdown 10-06
In case no one knew, Dawk Day is celebrated on Oct 9 (the date is a word play on Nile's last name "do-ku", which roughly translates to "ten-nine", hence October 9). So I decided to make a little countdown sort of dedication for that wonderful hot dad. Nile deserves this, I'm sure.

Also, for those who got hit by the sweet revelation that is chapter 61, and the realization that "Nile isn't a bad guy after all"...I told you. I fucking told you. Did you listen? No. Now are you ashamed? You better be.

For those who still blindly hate Nile for no reason, even after chapter 61, y'all a bunch of idiots.

Nile Dawk (c) Isayama Hajime
Art by me
Flagged nsfw for the bare bubble buns

PS: I take that last statement back. Y'all aren't idiots. Just blind. And either you mature and think in deep about your views on characters who actually had more potential to develop than the overrated ones, or sit at the corner and shut up.

PPS: The new tag system is this dA?
First thing first, sorry for the empty journal. My sub is over and I'm kinda lazy to get a new one, since I'm not always around in dA nowadays. 

A lot's being going on since my last entry journal ( That's almost half a year ago!). So, yeah, where do I start? The not-so-happy news, maybe?

The office from where I applied a study loan from failed to grant me any loan this year, and I would have to apply next year instead. So that marks the fact that I won't be going anywhere near Scotland this September. It kinda sucked actually, because I literally missed two conventions and a few other meet-ups with my friends just to get this loan thing settled with. I even got an offer from Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh. This is really one of the biggest setback I had in the longest time.

Easy to say, I won't be continuing my Masters in the near future.

But that's it, anyway.

On the bright side, I'm probably taking this chance to find another job. People usually change jobs because of the limited benefits or the low income...I'm feeling like doing so because I literally have nothing much to do at work. Projects are very scarce and I just can't find anything to sharpen my skills other than reading and doing mock-practicals, and yeah...I have to admit it's getting a lot boring to be working in this current company I'm in. So, since my studying plan had to be postponed until the next year or the other, I think it's great to get a similar job in another company. I'm not sure how well this plan is going to work out, but it's worth the try.


Also, I can finally carry out my cosplans. And I am making a bit of change with it. I think I mention somewhere previously that I'm probably doing Germany from APH, Ishimaru from DR and Nile Dawk from SnK.

I'm carrying out Nile Dawk, definitely. He's the most expensive cosplay I have so far, so I can't back out just yet. And with that said, I'm probably doing a female version of him, with a non-canon, simple outfit. In fact, if I have enough cash to spare, I will try a modern police! Nile Dawk as well. So that's three versions of Nile Dawk I'm planning to try out this year.

Nile Dawk is pretty much confirmed. The only thing left for his cosplay are boots and a rifle. I might discard Ishimaru and make way for other cosplays. I might still keep Germany in my cosplans though, but now I'm contemplating if I should do Germany or switch him with Turkey instead because hnhhh 4th favourite character in APH (I did Russia, Germany and 2P-Germany before...might as well do Turkey, yes? ouo)

And! I'm sort of contemplating if I should try these two cosplays: Michelle K. Davis from Terra Formars (in her Blast Ant form) and Trafalgar Law from One Piece. I can do them, provided that I have extra money to burn and extra time to waste, and provided that I know how to make armor plating for Michelle, and get some fake tattoos and piercings and a goddamn sword for Trafalgar.  

However, there's really not enough cons for me to go in cosplays, so I might only do three or four out of them all.

So yup! Looking forward to Animangaki! I'll tell you guys what I'll be cosplaying at what day later~ ouo


I guess I had talked about how much I love Erwin Smith x Nile Dawk, or as some of us like to call them, EruNile (I personally call them Cute Commander Husbands). In the SnK fandom itself, I have to say my favourite pairs are EruNile, and Mike Zakarius x Nile Dawk (MikeNai), and any other Nile pairings out there. Still love Bertholdt and Reiner, too, of course. eruri is still the one and only pairing i dislike, thanks to some of its fans being disrespectful of other pairings and minor characters from day one i've been in the fandom

I've also come to love another story called Terra Formars. It's pretty much a sci-fi story about how these evolved-superhuman cockroaches roam Mars, and animal-plant-human hybrids were sent there to fight them. Great art and plot, but with death ten times worst than SnK. Seriously speaking, SnK has nothing on this. While I don't obviously ship anyone in that story, there are platonic ships that I'm strongly invested in. Also, the anime is due to come out in October this year! Looking forward to it, really!

Another one I'm getting back to is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. I knew about its 2012 anime, but I didn't actually watch it until recently. It was...Jojo-centric fun? I'm always a fan of Jojo since high school, and watching it again sort of brought me back sweet memories of those times I stole comic books from the boys in my class and that's basically how I came to know about this awesome story. Now its anime is in Season 2, and unf, yes, Jean Pierre Polnareff!! ♥ I actually can't wait for the anime to get to Part 4 of the Jojo series, because Diamond is Unbreakable is really one of my favourite arcs aside from Battle Tendency and Stardust Crusaders. And thanks to the anime, I can't stop listening to Yes, and have a deep wanting for that expensive Jojoveller art book ngh isn't there anyone who would buy it for me ;;;;

Apart from anime, I'm also getting quite attached to some J-dramas. Mainly J-dramas with Abe Hiroshi in them. So I learnt about Abe-san when I came across a weird-ass movie called Survive Style 5+, came to like his style of acting and wanting to see more of what he can do as an actor, thus I embarked on a quest to search for all his dramas and movies. Eventually, I watched more than half of his shows and movies by now...but nothing can beat his portrayal as Ueda Jirou in TRICK. That huge-donged, skeptical physicist won my heart three times over of all the Japanese actors I've known, and two times more when his Ueda character goes in a love-hate relationship with Yamada Naoko. Hngh yes cutest hetero ship!


That's basically it. Ah, I forgot to welcome my new watchers...hello! And welcome! Sorry you won't be finding me active in dA. But of course, my tumblr is always around, so feel free to say hi over there too! :D

Lastly, have some (embarrassing) pictures of me as a casual Germany.

Till the next journal!! ♥ 
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